If you’re tall and thin, you already know the first part of this story.  It’s difficult to find clothes that fit right, and poorly fitting clothes on a tall thin frame are a uniquely unflattering recipe for awkward and distorted.  Why does this outfit make my shoulders look smaller than my waist?  Why from certain angles do these pants make my thigh look smaller than my arm?  Poorly fitting clothes have their way with the tall and thin.  It looks bad, and it feels bad.

As Virginia Woolf put it, as vain and trifling as it might seem, clothes are more than just something to keep us warm: “They change our view of the world and the world's view of us.”  It’s the truth, though you may never realize it until you've discovered clothes that suit you well. 

My name is Kevin Lee Borgen.  I’m 6’7” and 180 pounds.  From the dawn of puberty, I wasted money on clothing miss after miss after miss, settling for clothes that fit like a giant sack, or fell short at the ankle, waist or wrist, or all of the above.  Dressing like a clown is a real drain on confidence, and I'm tired of it, for myself and for every other tall thin guy I see shambling around in clothes that don't fit.  That's why I started Cleaner Brighter.

We've been working very hard at getting the right fit for the tall thin frame.  After a lot of studying, a lot of back and forth with experts in the manufacture of clothing, and the creation of numerous samples, I finally for the first time in my life got a pair of pants and a set of sweaters that fit right.  I am a slightly embarrassed to admit how excited I got, but it made a huge difference in how I felt, and I'm proud walking around in my new Cleaner Brighter clothes. 

That's what we want for you.  We want you looking good and feeling great, feeling Cleaner Brighter.